Words For Comfort – A Community Project

Words for Comfort- A community project

Chiropractic LaCrosse WI Crossword Puzzle BooksBarge Berkley Chiropractic and Amy’s Closet are working together to provide crossword puzzle books, adult coloring books, and word search books to those isolated from family and friends during this time. The current state of the Coronavirus pandemic has put many in a tough situation. Those in nursing homes and assisted living can no longer have visitors and must remain in their rooms. Unfortunately watching television is discouraging due to all the media coverage and negative reports on this virus, especially to those who are high-risk.

Hearing the stories about people stuck in their rooms, unable to see family or friends, broke our hearts. In order to spread some joy to those who are stuck in this situation, we are proving crosswords, word searches, and coloring books for free!

We will be dropping them at some local nursing homes. If you know of anyone in this situation or if you are a healthcare worker at a facility in this situation, please contact us to get some books!

Pick-up locations: Please call ahead so we can have books ready for you!

  • Holmen: Barge Berkley Chiropractic Clinic
    3812 Creekside Ln.
    Holmen, WI. 54650
  • La Crosse: Barge Berkley Chiropractic Clinic
    322 Cameron Ave.
    La Crosse, WI. 54601

Barge Berkley Chiropractic partners with Amy’s Closet for many community events. Amy’s Closet was started by Dr. Patty Barge and is ran out of our Holmen office. This started as a way to help foster children get clothing and supplies while moving between foster homes. What started as a small idea has turned into something that the community counts on. Amy’s Closet has helped thousands of people in our community so far. They supply many other local closets with clothing and they regularly help to stock women’s shelters and homeless shelters, along with individual and family emergencies. The work behind Amy’s Closet does not go unnoticed. Dr. Barge has become a beacon of light in our communities and is recognized by many for her efforts. Together with her family, the patients of Barge Berkley Chiropractic, and generous donators and volunteers, Amy’s Closet continues to save and improve the lives of many.

For more information on Amy’s Closet, you can like their Facebook page where updates and urgent needs are posted.

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