What Is Chiropractic?

What Is Chiropractic?

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Chiropractic is a natural healing art founded in 1895.  Chiropractic focuses on your Nervous System, which runs through your spine and controls every single function in your entire body.  Misalignments in your spine, called subluxations, create interference in your Nervous System and decrease function in the body.  Simply put, this means that there is decreased communication between your brain and your body.   By correcting the subluxations with adjustments, the connection between your brain and body is restored to its optimal level and you can function properly.

Most of the time, subluxations show up in the form of symptoms.  Headaches, digestion issues, ear infections, and pain are all examples of symptoms that relate back to the spine and dysfunction of the Nervous System.  The cause of all dysfunction in the body is due to the body’s inability to adapt to itself or its surroundings.   When you are faced with increased stress, there is a chance that you end up with a misalignment/subluxation in your spine if that stress is too much for the body to handle.

This stress can be physical, mental/emotional, or chemical in form.  All three of these categories have the ability to push your body to its limits, and lead to dysfunction.   Keeping your Nervous System functioning at its best allows you to handle these stressors with less chance of dysfunction.  Regular adjustments keep your spine aligned properly and allow your brain and body to communicate interference free.

This is why we suggest increasing your adjustment frequency during times where you are experiencing increased stress in your life.  We want you to be able to handle the stress properly and without experiencing any annoying symptoms.   Chiropractors correct the cause of your problem and help prevent future problems.  Maintaining your health is always our goal!

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