The Flu Is Not A Season

The Flu Is Not A Season

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“Flu Season” is upon us according to the media and pharmaceutical companies, and we are calling their bluff.  The flu is NOT a season.  The flu spikes during the fall and winter because our bodies are not adapting properly to the changes in temperature, decrease in vitamin D, and the increased time spent indoors.   The only way to actually decrease your chances of getting the flu is to make sure your Immune System is functioning properly.

Eat whole, healthy foods and stop with the processed after-school snacks.  Pack your kids’ lunches, make dinners with extra vegetables, and switch the soda out for water.  Sugar increases inflammation.  Inflammation decreases your health, which increases your chance of getting sick.

Not getting any sun?  Take a Vitamin D supplement.

Get adequate sleep.  Your body heals and detoxes while you sleep.  Ever wake up sweating?  That’s your body fighting and killing germs/viruses/bacteria.

Drink enough water.

Stay active.  Exercise increases endorphins and sweating is good for you.

All of these are good things to do, but if your body is not adapting properly than you will not see the full benefit of any of the above.

SO MOST IMPORTANTLY… make sure your Nervous System is functioning OPTIMALLY!  If you have interference in the communication between your brain and your body, you have an increased chance of getting sick because your Immune System is not working how it should.  The cause of disease is the body’s inability to adapt to itself or the environment (aka colder temperatures, less sun, other sick people, etc).

Ever wonder why two people can have the same job, in the same office and only one of them gets sick?  Or a family living in the same house, and only one or two of them get sick?  They are all surrounded by the same environment, so what is the difference?  It is how the individual adapts to that environment that is key!

Getting adjusted restores the connection between the brain and the body and allows for proper communication and function! Allowing you to adapt and fight off sickness like you are born to do!

So get in and make sure your spine is aligned and have a healthy Fall and Winter!

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