The City of La Crosse WI

La Crosse WI is a city with a lot of history, surrounded by beautiful bluffs and the great Mississippi River. There is plenty to do, see, and experience in La Crosse WI whether you are living in the city or just visiting for the weekend. See what your La Crosse WI chiropractors have to say about this beautiful city.

Must-Visit Places in La Crosse WI

If you are into sightseeing and nature, there are many places to add to your list of to-dos. Grandads Bluff gives views over the entire city and far into the bluffs. Entwined with hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and lookout areas, this is a popular place on a nice afternoon. The trails range from flat and easy to steep, long, and windy.

Another great place to hang outside is Riverside Park. Located right on the Mississippi River and downtown this park is host to a plethora of outdoor entertainment. During the summer months, it hosts many festivals, weddings, and people wandering through or picnicking in the grass. There are concerts multiple nights a week, including Moon Tunes on Thursday nights which often attracts crowds of hundreds. The food trucks are a nice addition to the music and community gathering.

The Mississippi is flooded with boats, water skiers, fishermen, and river cruises. The water is where it’s at during the summer. You can stop by one of the many Marinas or boat clubs to see the action or stop to eat at one of the many restaurants on the water!

Next to Riverside Park is the Riverside International Friendship Gardens. Walk through the paths and enjoy the landscaping dedicated to different countries around the world. This is a popular place for photos and nighttime walks after dinner downtown.

Where To Eat

Downtown La Crosse WI is known for its bar per capita and college scene on the weekend nights, but the dining is far from just bar food. There are dozens of restaurants to choose from. Whether you enjoy pub food, pizza, tapas, handmade pasta, French cuisine, organic food, Greek dining, Chinese, Mexican, Cajun, you name it! Roof-top dining and patio dining are popular down by the river and wait times are common. In downtown La Crosse WI there is something for everyone.

Breakfast food and coffee are easy to find and the shopping is great too! There are many unique small shops including Driftless, Willow, Touch of Class, and Duluth Trading Company as well. That is only a few of the shops downtown.

Cold Weather Fun

The cold weather brings a whole new life to La Crosse WI and the surrounding cities. There is still plenty to do and the action doesn’t stop downtown.

During the holidays, Riverside Park is home to the Rotary Lights. A well-known holiday tradition to many. The park is filled to the brim with Christmas lights and décor, Santa, reindeer, and activities for children. It is something worth seeing!

Mt. La Crosse is where people head to ski and snowboard. The hiking trails are still used in the winter and there are lots of cross-country skiers that use the bike trails! The once boat-filled lakes and rivers are now filled with ice fishermen trying to win one of the many tournaments held in the area.

City Events

If you are ever in the La Crosse WI area, you can check out the event calendar and see what is happening!