Sensory Toys and Child Development

Sensory Toys and Child Development

Child Development

Children’s toys have certainly changed over the years, from wooden toys to iPad apps and online games.  One thing that hasn’t changed is a child’s need for psychomotor development and hand eye coordination development.  These are skills that help develop lifelong body-brain connections and enhance the development of the brain in childhood.  When kids play with toys that challenge them using different colors, shapes, sizes, textures, etc. it encourages development of new neurologic pathways in the brain.  These toys can be called “sensory toys”.

Sensory toys are great for all children, but they have a special impact on children with autism and sensory development issues.  These toys not only accomplish the above, but they can be very calming for a child with autism, learning delays, or sensory complications.  They will help the child use their fine-motor skills and encourage brain development, increase concentration, and allow them to play in ways that normal toys may not.

Tablets and screen time have been trending for a while now and unfortunately, they are not good for our children.  Screen time is shown to decrease attention span, decrease sleep, and cause the need for instant gratification at a young age.  So as easy as it is to just give your child a tablet or iPad, please consider the small effects that add up over time and choose a different toy.  It can make a big difference.

At our offices we like to encourage the use of building and learning toys, sensory toys, and playing outside to all our pediatric patients and their parents.  This is especially important to those with autism or sensory disorders.  Often the parents will notice a difference in behavior with incorporating different toys and stopping screen time.   Another thing that is important for children with autism, sensory or attention disorders is regular chiropractic care.

Regular adjustments clear the Nervous System of interference and help the body function optimally.  Because our entire body is controlled by the Nervous System, it is extremely important to make sure that it is functioning properly during times of development or stress.  Children that suffer from any of these disorders benefit from regular adjustments not only mentally but physically.  Keeping their spines in proper alignment allows for good communication from the brain to all the muscles and joints.  We hear from parents and teachers all the time that they notice improvement after the child is under regular care; whether that is better communication, movement, increased attention span, speech development, or the child accepting a hug from mom or dad, it is all important.

If you have any questions about sensory toys or chiropractic care for your child, please let us know!

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