The Coulee Region and The Driftless Area in La Crosse WI - What Are They?

La Crosse WI and the surrounding cities/counties are known as “The Coulee Region”. The Coulee Region includes all of La Crosse, Monroe, and Vernon counties.  Trempealeau County is often included as well.  These cities are all surrounded by beautiful bluff side views, entwined with rivers and the Mississippi, and rich with farmland.  Home to a wide array of small, medium, and large businesses - including your La Crosse WI Chiropractor, this area is a popular Region for all ages.  Whether fresh out of college or settling down for retirement, La Crosse WI and the surrounding area have something for everyone.

The Driftless Area in La Crosse WI

Another name for La Crosse WI and the surrounding counties is “The Driftless Area”. This includes southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and a small portion of the northwestern corner of Illinois.  This area is known for its geological beauty including bluffs, steep valleys, rivers, fresh-water springs, and more.  With this beautiful landscape comes the opportunity for adventure.  Hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, boating, and much more are popular in the Driftless Area/Coulee Region.

Mt. La Crosse

La Crosse WI itself is home to a ski/snowboard facility called Mt. La Crosse.  There are many hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and scenic overpass areas to enjoy.

The Mississippi River

The proximity of the great Mississippi River is the first to come to mind when thinking of the La Crosse WI area.  With the river shaping its western borders, La Crosse WI is home to many boat clubs and restaurants on the water.  This makes for a great summer in La Crosse WI, Onalaska, Holmen WI, and adjacent towns.

Continued Growth

La Crosse WI is landlocked by the river and neighboring towns.  Despite the inability to expand land-wise, La Crosse WI continues to grow and develop.  With new restaurants, businesses, hotels, and apartment complexes popping up frequently the opportunity for continued growth remains.  Jobs are an important part of the community's growth and luckily, La Crosse WI has that to offer.

With two large hospital systems, the La Crosse brewery, large insurance companies, and Kwik Trip located in the city, there are job opportunities for many people of all skill levels. Kwik Trip has its only distribution center in La Crosse WI and with the record-breaking growth of the company brings a lot of employment opportunities. For college-age kids, the plethora of bars and restaurants gives them plenty of opportunity to find work in the La Crosse WI area.

Spreading towards Trempealeau County

A growing population means that more schools are needed.  Because there is no room in La Crosse WI itself for new schools, the populations have grown towards the north into Onalaska and Holmen WI, spreading towards Trempealeau County. Additions of new elementary schools have helped with the need for education in the more rural areas and added some nice expansion of the Coulee Region blending into the outer towns.  A flourishing community brings joy to everyone and improves the state.

Visit this Beautiful Area

We are very proud to work and live in this wonderful area!  Not many places have the beauty that the Coulee Region/Driftless Area has to offer. If you are ever in southwestern Wisconsin, stop by and visit.  Whether you enjoy a nice hike, a day on the Mississippi, or just grab a bite to eat, you won't want to miss this beautiful area!